Fuck You Yelper

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I HATE THIS PLACE! THE SERVICE IS SERIOUSLY LACKING SINCERITY!!!! The naeng myun is naeng myun… nothing special really. Is there no good naeng myun place in all of SOCAL. My friend says that soot bull jeep galbi and naeng myun really hits the spot for her, so I shall try one of these days.

Seriously the service is here is soooooo weird. They try to be extra nice to you, but somehow ends up being fake. I don’t know, the whole experience was super ‘off and I don’t mean ‘off” in a quirky cute way, I mean ‘off” in a, ‘I wanna hurry up and eat what I ordered and get the heck out of this place’ way. Honestly, the service of the waitstaff and the management seemed cultish for some reason.


1 star review of Chilbo Myunok by Stacey R.

Yuck! If you want to fart allllllll night and feel like crap after eating a bunch of greasy food then this your place ! What really grossed me out is a worker coming through the isle with the trash can full should have taken it as a sign not to eat here! The hotdogs are way to thick ! Yuck oh Yuck! Happy Farts!

1-star review of Dog Haus by Katie H.

ok, check this place out…..the hainan chicken i admit is good….but is it $9 good? i mean the chicken looks like it died from starvation. naw, i rather get an 8pc fried chicken for $7.99………..

—1-star review of Savoy Kitchen by Roger W.

This review is based purely on their marketing concept of “street food” and the concept of an ice cream sandwich. I didn’t actually get to eat the food, that’s why I’m bitching. First, I’m Thai and have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, eating a ton of street food along the way. So, when someplace markets itself as a street food place I expect that all their shit is portable. So, it was to my surprise after I drive my happy ass to Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night and try to order an ice cream sandwich, to be told that they don’t make it to go.

2-star review of Night + Market by Arv R.

Anonymous asked: Hi!!! Why no more updates?

Sorry, life got in the way of things…but this should be back up and running in full force shortly. Stay tuned…

Fun place located in a old house. Beer was decent, food was average. We had a large group and service was excellent. One complaint - no TVs to watch football.

—2-star review of Dodging Duck Brewhaus (Boerne, TX) by Ron L.

they are famous for their cold noodle soup which is great on a hot muggy day, or any day…. BUT dont expect to go there JUST to have their cold noodle soup. they pretty much expect you to have meat (which is pricey) and if u dont they give you a dirty look (they did that at the cerritos location). their service is terrible, but that is typical of korean restaurants in so cal. noodles good, service bad!

2-star review of Corner Place by Josh K.

If you like ugly green Formica, bright lights and service as cold as the raw fish this is the place for you. We walked out after being informed that it was exclusive and “reservations only” at $325 per person. The place was empty on a Friday night and there was another couple who walked out after us.

1-star review of Urasawa by Scott A.

Well, I’ve never even eaten here…….so why, you ask, do I even bother to rate this place? Because I did walk in here, sit down, and read the menu. Then I looked at my friends and said, “There’s no way I can eat this.” It was all grease and fat and a whole buncha yuck jumbled together. NO WAY. I’m just not into that kind of eating or food combinations…..so NOT appealing to me. So we left….yet, it’s a local institution of sorts. Oh well.

1-star review of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (Hollywood) by Claudia B.

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i like your enthusiasm for the site, however, there are plenty of legitimate 1-star reviews. consider this an artisan, hand-crafted tumblr that’s curated by some schmuck wasting time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.