Fuck You Yelper

an exploration of the douchebaggery idiots commit when enabled with an internet connection, enough money for a meal, and a sense of entitlement.

Although I never actually stepped foot inside this restaurant, I can’t comment on the food, atmosphere, etc. What I can tell you is that we made a reservation at 4 in the afternoon for myself, my husband and our twin boys (10 months old). The girl who answered the phone treated us like we had the plague instead of twins.

1-star review of Pizzeria Mozza by Christa K.

It is hard to see how anyone besides parents of bratty kids and pedophiles would enjoy eating in this place.

1-star review of Clearman’s Galley by Elaine W.

I don’t like Vroman’s and I have a valid reason. I only go to bookstores to read their tabloid magazines for free! I usually buy my books online since it’s way cheaper.

Anyways, Vroman’s has ALL their magazines on racks outside in front of their store. First of all they don’t provide tables (outside) for you to read. Secondly, the attendant outside is always glaring at you if you start flipping through a magazine for more than five minutes. Come on!!! Chill, I’m sure you don’t get commission on the items you sell.

1-star review of Vroman’s Bookstore by Tina L.

Racism Restaurant?!
My husband and I went there for the first time since we heard about their great steak. Of course we made a reservation, we got on time, then they took us to the small dining area that had about 10 tables. Well, there was already one asian group enjoying their dinner. While we were wating for our food, there came another asian group, and another and another. By the time we finished our food, people in that small room were all minoroty. My husband got up and went to look at the main dining area and guess what he found out. I don’t even have to say. We’re not going back there ever again. What a great restaurant for $200 dinner!

1-star review of Mastro’s Steakhouse by Hye Won L.

If I am eating Mexican, I need my salsa. I don’t give a crap how much tomatoes cost now. If I went to a burger place and they gave me 1 packet of ketchup, I would go Al Qaeda on them. But he is still much better than the cheap ass bastard at the La Salsa in the Glendale Galleria. I am surprised no one beat that guys ass yet.

1-star review of La Cevicheria by David Iceman L.

There were people outside in their pajamas. How difficult is it to change into street clothes? That just ghettoed the place. My brother brought 2 donuts from donut man and nobody ate them. We all said ew. It’s just a donut.

1-star review of The Donut Man by Michelle C.

Places full of sophisticated consumers get good stuff and places full of idiots have a lot of HMS Bounties. The idiot grade inflation needs to stop. This place is a loser, and you’re obviously a moron if you think otherwise.

1-star review of HMS Bounty by Eli K.

people were shoving others to get up front until I had to yell that I had been there far longer and the sales clerks were totally ignoring me. Now I am not short, I am 5’7”. Perhaps my problem was that I was raised with manners and other cultures were raised to fight for the right to a bakery item. When I finally retrieved the cake, the sales girl looked at me and said “Is this what you have been waiting for”. I wanted to smash her face into the cake. My sons and their families rave over it, as for me, if I want to get pushed around in a marketplace I will go to a third world country.

1-star review of Porto’s Bakery by NanaDiana M.

the silverware is really cheap, at first i though they were made of plastic. the food is okay.

2-star review of Son of a Gun by Joanne L.

I love junk food, I know is not good for you but its the best. They have the best BBQ sauce ever. I just hate it when they charge you for extra BBQ. The dollar chicken sandwich is really good.

1-star review of McDonald’s by Evelyn V.