Fuck You Yelper

an exploration of the douchebaggery idiots commit when enabled with an internet connection, enough money for a meal, and a sense of entitlement.

Our head waiter was very good and did very well to check up on us for drinks and water, however when it came to some of the dishes he seemed to not know the answer one too many times.

I am not talking about specific ingredients or wine pairings, but simple questions like where the butter came from or how many counts in the espresso.

1-star review of Providence by Kenny K.

But, there’s a trend in LA of things like calf brains and the cheek of pigs and it’s a little much for me. Animal’s all about this.

I was taken here by a friend. There wasn’t a lot I’d have eaten on the menu.

1-star review of Animal by Patricia H.

The food was fresh, the service was great, and the trendy atmosphere was welcoming! I tried the curry ketchup, but I think because I like regular ketchup so much, I was not made a fan.

3-star review of Golden State by Patricia C.

The sushi here is amazing! It literally melts in your mouth. 

BUT little did i know, this place charges 18% gratuity no matter how big your party is.  That really really really disappointed me and definitely hurt their rating. 

2-star review of Sugarfish by David N.