Fuck You Yelper

an exploration of the douchebaggery idiots commit when enabled with an internet connection, enough money for a meal, and a sense of entitlement.

I HATE THIS PLACE! THE SERVICE IS SERIOUSLY LACKING SINCERITY!!!! The naeng myun is naeng myun… nothing special really. Is there no good naeng myun place in all of SOCAL. My friend says that soot bull jeep galbi and naeng myun really hits the spot for her, so I shall try one of these days.

Seriously the service is here is soooooo weird. They try to be extra nice to you, but somehow ends up being fake. I don’t know, the whole experience was super ‘off and I don’t mean ‘off” in a quirky cute way, I mean ‘off” in a, ‘I wanna hurry up and eat what I ordered and get the heck out of this place’ way. Honestly, the service of the waitstaff and the management seemed cultish for some reason.


1 star review of Chilbo Myunok by Stacey R.

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